3 June 2010 - Official Statement


The Jewish organizations in Romania are deeply marked by the actions that were recently undertaken against Israel, under the pretext of bringing humanitarian aid for the people who live in the Gaza Strip.


These actions were funded and organized by extremist-terrorist movements, so that the defense forces of the State of Israel would react against them. Thus, a dangerous precedent was created.


The organizers of such an action wanted to make a publicity stunt, to manipulate international public opinion, so that aggressive terrorists would be seen as victims.


The direct and swift response of the State of Israel was an act of self defense, in full compliance with the rights of any sovereign state, without discrimination.


Given this situation, the Jewish organizations in Romania, express their solidarity with the people of Israel, with the State of Israel, which is an outpost of democracy in this region.


Along with the people of Israel and with all the good persons of the world, we regret the loss of human lives. The Jewish people believe in the sacredness of every single human life. At the same time, we believe in Israel’s sovereign right, as well as in any country’s right to protect the life of its own citizens. 


We also, consider that it is still necessary to work hard for regulating the complex issues of the Middle East, in compliance with the international legislation, that would allow a normal and safe life for the citizens of Israel.





The Federation of Jewish Communities                     B’NAI B’RITH Romania 

of Romania 



The Association of the Holocaust Victims                   MCA Romania

in Romania  




The Zionist Organization in Romania                                  FAN Romania